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The world of photography is vast and, at times, mystifyingly complex.  I love to challenge myself to tackle unusual and different things.  Commissions of all kinds can appear from the most unexpected of places – landscape, interiors, macro, sport, corporate, advertising, website, commercial, astrophotography and increasingly aerial with the use of drones – and all can produce amazing results.

It would be wonderful if I could just go about taking photographs in order to be artistic and creative, but, of course, like everyone else, I still have to keep the lights on which means working to client briefs.  In itself, that can be rewarding – delivering under pressure of time, resources or logistics – and it all appeals to the army officer in me…  Making sure we succeed!

I do sometimes manage to get away from my editing suite to get out and enjoy the outside world, and inevitably have a camera with me when I do.  Then I can revel in simply just taking the shot for the sake of the photograph.  Sometimes, they can turn out pretty well…  So well that I think that someone somewhere would like to have it framed and on their wall!  If you think you’d like some of my work hanging in your home or office, please have a look at the limited edition prints for sale here, and if nothing immediately grabs you, give me a shout and let’s see if we can hatch a plan to make something that you would like!