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A birthday party, website marketing, portraiture or a wedding?

There are many different types of photography, each with its own skillset.  Whilst Ed specialises in event, wedding & expeditionary photography  (or photography ‘on the hoof’), he is also able to undertake many other types of photographic commission. 

Based in the Swiss Alps, he is the ‘Verbier Event Photographer’ but will undertake commissions pan-Europe and, indeed, globally as required.

Click on the titles below to expand the section and find out more about each genre of photography, and make a booking as required.

  • Wedding Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Expeditionary Photography
  • Food & Drink Photography
  • Portraiture

Event Photography

Event photography is the bread and butter of my business; it is a creative and fun sector of the photography industry in which to work as no two events are the same, travel is inherent, working with people is paramount, and the opportunity for some great photography is ever present.

It is also ever testing; an events photographer needs to be versatile, panoptic with an unquestionable ability to work fast and accurately, focussing on what’s immediately in front of the lens whilst also anticipating what’s about to happen. All this in often inconsistent and variable light, and often with unwilling or reluctant subjects!

As such, it’s much more demanding area of photography than is usually appreciated, but it’s one which I love and wouldn’t change for the world.  An event can consist of many aspects – flowers, lights, food, people, dancing, speeches, dinner, sport, auctions to name but a few, and all need to be captured faithfully and creatively.

As well as being technically accurate, I pride myself on being a private and discreet events photographer – if you want your party to remain a private party, the photographs will also remain that way, tucked away in secure gallery for only you and your guests to view.

Also, I will also dress to match your guests, with ‘presentability’ always at the forefront; be it black tie, suits, smart casual or even fancy dress! I always aim to be viewed as guest with a camera, rather than the ‘official photographer’.

Please have a look through my events portfolio as you will find them a good representation of my style – candid, detailed, colourful and atmospheric are all words that have been used to describe them by clients.

If you are looking for a specific event you have recently attended, please get in touch directly through the contact page as I likely will have to verify your identity in order to give you the password.

So, if you are looking for an experienced and creative international events photographer, for a private, corporate or charity event, I hope you think you’ve come to the right place; simply book below!  If your event is multi-day (such as a skiing or sailing trip), please email directly and we’ll sort something out.

All my terms and conditions of business can be found here so please ensure you have read them carefully.  In essence by booking me, we enter a photography contract.  If you wish to have a contract specific to you, please ask, but I’ve found this approach is usually sufficient for all parties.

A few other points to note:

  • All finished photographs are securely stored in an online, e-commerce (for prints) gallery on my website.
  • Final product will be delivered as a a download link – CD/DVD is not available.
  • Photograph albums, books or prints are not included in the price below – everything is 
  • Minimum of two hour bookings in the UK or Switzerland – anywhere is else is 3 hours.
  • Charity rates are available: 10% for all charities, 15% for all military charities and military events.
  • Additional equipment hire will be charged as required to fulfil event photography brief.
  • No prices include expenses (accommodation, travel or food) which will be invoices post-event.
  • Clients receive a full, indefinite private usage licence for all photographs – copyright is not available.
  • Photography commissions for commercial purposes might be subject to a usage fee – please consult separately.
  • ELO Media Ltd. reserves the right to invoice for onward sales of photography used for editorial or other commercial purposes.
  • All prices include VAT.


Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a fantastic area of photography to have the privilege to work in; to be successful as wedding photographer you must have mastered a plethora of other photographic disciplines – news (or reportage) photography, portraiture, macro, interior, food and, of course, event photography all get a look in on a wedding day.  Being deficient in any of those areas is truly noticeable in a final set of wedding photos and being amazing at them will provide treasured memories of your wedding day forever.

For that reason, I love the technical challenge of photographing a wedding as well as the endless opportunity to be creative and original as couples, especially brides-to-be, always put so much effort into making the day perfect.

Of course, it’s a huge responsibility and honour for me and obviously, a lifetime decision for you – it’s not an inexpensive one either, so I want to help you do everything you can to get it right.

You might have come to me from one of your friends, or might have even met me at another wedding or event that I’ve photographed. Whichever way you’ve arrived here, I hope you enjoy viewing my portfolios and hope that you feel I would be a good choice as your wedding photographer.

Just a quick word on the cost of wedding photography as that is what is usually uppermost in couples’ minds. I know that choosing ‘what you want’ vs ‘what you need’ vs ‘what you can afford’ when it comes to wedding photography can be complicated and frustrating for couples. This is not helped by trying to decipher the invariably wide variety of photographic choices which you face, from a wide range of photographers.

I will hold your hand the whole way through the process, offering you choices you probably hadn’t even realised were available. With a comprehensive list of suppliers, I can also help you with many other elements of your wedding should you need it.

During the process, you will be able to choose from a number of different wedding photography packages, depending on your requirements post-wedding.  Alternatively, I would be very happy to give you a fully-bespoke quote to suit your needs, wants and budget as required.

Expeditionary Photography

In 2015 I walked home across Europe from an operational tour in Cyprus for no real reason other than I could.  I started in Nicosia and after a short boat ride to mainland Turkey, started walking across the continent to London.  After 5 months and approximately 2500 miles of walking, I arrived home to quite a party – no one was more surprised than me that I had actually finished my journey!

It taught me a number of things; the most important of which was to unwaveringly believe in your own ability, even when everything seems stacked against you – you will often surprise yourself with what you can achieve when you set your mind to it.

Also, the true meaning of determination… You must never give up.  Before I left Nicosia I read a story about a young man who asks an older man for some advice about a problem he has.  The older man invites the young man to go for a walk and explain the minutiae of the problem to him.  At the end, without having offered any actual advice, the young man finds he knows the answer to his problem because he has taken the time to analyse the problem rationally and out loud.

This story led me to the Latin phrase ‘solvitur ambulando’ (literally translating to ‘it is solved by walking’) and as I walked I held that phrase in the front of my mind; whatever your problem is, taking time out to go for a walk and have a think about it will inevitably mean that you come up with the answer.  In my case, my problem was to get home and that, literally, was going to be solved by walking. Whatever the problem, true determination will often be the answer.

I also realised that I truly loved exploring, adventuring and travel – new places, interesting people, delicious food and amazing sights.  Combine that with photography which I also love and I realised that I wanted to be an expeditionary photographer, and, as an army officer and trained combat camera team leader, I’m more than halfway there anyway!

So if you are planning any expedition, whether it be in the UK, Europe or anywhere further afield, and want some military expertise to help with planning, logistics, leadership, and the ability to write and photograph a good story for any PR purpose, hit the button below and tell me more…  I’d LOVE to be involved!

Portrait Photography

The phrase ‘the art of photography’ is never more keenly comprehended than when you come to talk about portraiture.  Of all the different types of photography, I believe that taking a stand-out portrait photograph is amongst the hardest to achieve, both technically and artistically, and it is why portraiture photographers are the most celebrated and revered of all photographers.

It could be argued that people are the most interesting photographic subjects due to the emotional connection that is achievable through a good portrait.  However, I believe that it’s more that taking such a photo is actually a really demanding exercise due to our ability to read a human face and immediately understand the expression it holds.  The lighting, the setting, the pose, the background, the story that is being told in the photograph, as well as the connection the photographer does or doesn’t form with the subject, often with very little time, all conspire to create the overall impact of the photograph – each equally important.

There are many different types of portrait photography ranging from the famous ad hoc Steve McCurry photograph of the Afghan Girl, the instantly recognisable but meticulously set-up studio shots of Annie Liebovitz, a simple black and white snap you might take of your father smiling on the beach, all the way through to a candid, unguarded moment of a child playing with a toy, totally focussed in the moment.

All of these are worthy of the term ‘portraiture photography’.  For me, however, the most pleasure I get making portraits comes from taking family shots – mothers, fathers, toddlers, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and groups and combinations thereof.  I think that depicting these family dynamics and bonds photographically are forever important; not only to capture them at that moment in time for the simple act of remembering and posterity, but also as an activity you are all undertaking together, which physically and emotionally reinforces and reminds you of those connections.

Of course, I am also able to take headshots for actors, wide-vista locational photography, close-up mugshots, or just corporate headshots to go on the company’s website and all are equally valid ‘portraits’, but the brief is yours – relay your vision to me and let’s have a conversation about the photographic ‘art of the possible’.

Food Photography

At nearly every event you attend, you will be given food of some form or another.  It might not be the full five-course, black-tie dinner malarky but whatever the event, the canapés appear with the drinks and then, depending on the format, either bowl food, buffet, or sit down.  More often than not, if you’ve got that far, there will also be a pudding choice and almost certainly cheese.  All of this neatly washed down with the finest claret, the most outlandish of cocktails, or a combination of both…  Whatever it is, someone somewhere has spent a lot of money, time and effort making sure that whatever libations and delicacies you are happily quaffing are absolutely á point.

It makes sense, therefore, that this element of your event is faithfully captured, and that, combined with a couple of dedicated food shoots later for various caterer friends of mine, has meant that suddenly I found that I had quite portfolio of food shots –  in a wide variety of different settings, styles and lighting according to the clients’ wishes.

Also, as someone who has the cooking ability of a blindfolded man in a dark room, the level of skill, creativity, organisation and technical expertise that it takes for a team of chefs to dream up, prepare and deliver some of the extraordinary dishes that I’ve seen over the years, still continues to astonish me.  For that reason, also I want to ensure that these wonderful, but ephemeral, creations are captured for posterity.

To that end, I now consider my food photography an important thread of my photography and I thoroughly enjoy it – both ad hoc at a party, but also planned, styled and properly lit to show off the food and make it completely irresistible.  So, if you are a chef, a caterer, event planner, cocktail bar, restaurant, small food outlet or any other type of food and drink provider and you need some great new website shots, please give me a shout.

Other Photography

The world of photography is vast and, at times, mystifyingly complex.  I love to challenge myself to tackle unusual and different things.  Commissions of all kinds can appear from the most unexpected of places – landscape, interiors, macro, sport, corporate, advertising, website, commercial, astrophotography and increasingly aerial with the use of drones – and all can produce amazing results.

It would be wonderful if I could just go about taking photographs in order to be artistic and creative, but, of course, like everyone else, I still have to keep the lights on which means working to client briefs.  In itself, that can be rewarding – delivering under pressure of time, resources or logistics – and it all appeals to the army officer in me…  Making sure we succeed!

I do sometimes manage to get away from my editing suite to get out and enjoy the outside world, and inevitably have a camera with me when I do.  Then I can revel in simply just taking the shot for the sake of the photograph.  Sometimes, they can turn out pretty well…  So well that I think that someone somewhere would like to have it framed and on their wall!  If you think you’d like some of my work hanging in your home or office, please have a look at the limited edition prints for sale here, and if nothing immediately grabs you, give me a shout and let’s see if we can hatch a plan to make something that you would like!