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Ansel & Fox is a business set up over five years ago to provide a solution to the question, “What should I do with the growing number of photographs I take?”  It seems that the better and faster cameras and phones get, the harder it is for us to curate, archive and, ultimately, use the thousands of photos we all take every year – they simply end up gathering ‘digital dust’ and clogging up our systems.

We consider ourselves to be ‘Image Concierges’ at Ansel & Fox, and will address this issue by streamlining your digital archive, removing all the duplicates, editing, organising and finally allowing you to choose the best images from each year that can then be turned into something useful going forward – a photograph album, a collage or just a series of prints.  You will regain control of your photo library.

Additionally, our specialists are able to retrieve old photographs, rejuvenate old negatives or slides, digitise old papers and albums and retouch them so they can be uploaded or published in a books for your family.  The same is achievable with old footage, VHS or newsreels – everything in your family history can be turned into something usable.

Going forward we can host all the images and videos you want, as well as publishing online albums so the relatives on the other side of the world can also see them.  And, of course, we’ve come up with a solution for your day-to-day problem of what to do with your photos through the Ansel & Fox Membership program; for a small monthly fee, we will take the best of your photos as chosen by you and at the end of the year, convert them into your yearbook, both online and in your hand.

Rescuing your images from digital darkness.

Click the link below to become a member of Ansel & Fox or simply find out more.