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At nearly every event you attend, you will be given food of some form or another.  It might not be the full five-course, black-tie dinner malarky but whatever the event, the canapés appear with the drinks and then, depending on the format, either bowl food, buffet, or sit down.  More often than not, if you’ve got that far, there will also be a pudding choice and almost certainly cheese.  All of this neatly washed down with the finest claret, the most outlandish of cocktails, or a combination of both…  Whatever it is, someone somewhere has spent a lot of money, time and effort making sure that whatever libations and delicacies you are happily quaffing are absolutely á point.

It makes sense, therefore, that this element of your event is faithfully captured, and that, combined with a couple of dedicated food shoots later for various caterer friends of mine, has meant that suddenly I found that I had quite portfolio of food shots –  in a wide variety of different settings, styles and lighting according to the clients’ wishes.

Also, as someone who has the cooking ability of a blindfolded man in a dark room, the level of skill, creativity, organisation and technical expertise that it takes for a team of chefs to dream up, prepare and deliver some of the extraordinary dishes that I’ve seen over the years, still continues to astonish me.  For that reason, also I want to ensure that these wonderful, but ephemeral, creations are captured for posterity.

To that end, I now consider my food photography an important thread of my photography and I thoroughly enjoy it – both ad hoc at a party, but also planned, styled and properly lit to show off the food and make it completely irresistible.  So, if you are a chef, a caterer, event planner, cocktail bar, restaurant, small food outlet or any other type of food and drink provider and you need some great new website shots, please give me a shout.