n 2015 I walked home across Europe from an operational tour in Cyprus for no real reason other than I could.  I started in Nicosia and after a short boat ride to mainland Turkey, started walking across the continent to London.  After 5 months and approximately 2500 miles of walking, I arrived home to quite a party – no one was more surprised than me that I had actually finished my journey!
It taught me a number of things; the most important of which was to unwaveringly believe in your own ability, even when everything seems stacked against you – you will often surprise yourself with what you can achieve when you set your mind to it.
Also, the true meaning of determination… You must never give up.  Before I left Nicosia I read a story about a young man who asks an older man for some advice about a problem he has.  The older man invites the young man to go for a walk and explain the minutiae of the problem to him.  At the end, without having offered any actual advice, the young man finds he knows the answer to his problem because he has taken the time to analyse the problem rationally and out loud.
This story led me to the Latin phrase ‘solvitur ambulando’ (literally translating to ‘it is solved by walking’) and as I walked I held that phrase in the front of my mind; whatever your problem is, taking time out to go for a walk and have a think about it will inevitably mean that you come up with the answer.  In my case, my problem was to get home and that, literally, was going to be solved by walking. Whatever the problem, true determination will often be the answer.
I also realised that I truly loved exploring, adventuring and travel – new places, interesting people, delicious food and amazing sights.  Combine that with photography which I also love and I realised that I wanted to be an expeditionary photographer, and, as an army officer and trained combat camera team leader, I’m more than halfway there anyway!
So if you are planning any expedition, whether it be in the UK, Europe or anywhere further afield, and want some military expertise to help with planning, logistics, leadership, and the ability to write and photograph a good story for any PR purpose, hit the button below and tell me more…  I’d LOVE to be involved!