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So you need a photographer?

Ed Lloyd Owen is a leading British events photographer.  He is also an expert in image husbandry, digital consultancy, public relations and web design.

Dividing his time between Verbier and London, and thus perfectly placed to meet any photographic requirements pan-Europe: whether it be a wedding in the Balearics or Hampshire; a 21st birthday in Monaco Yacht Club; heli-skiing on an Alpine glacier; a stalking party in Scotland; or a family portrait shoot in Paris, he is able to help.

As a former regular Army officer, and now a ‘Combat Camera Team Leader’, expeditions in difficult or hostile environments also present no problems.  If you are planning a sortie to the Antarctic, a mountaineering expedition to South America or a motorcycle jaunt from HK to London and have a photographic, video, planning, management, logistical or PR requirement, get in touch.


If you are in Verbier this winter, consider booking a mini portrait session – a fun 30-minute photography session for the whole family anywhere you like in Verbier; find out more by clicking the button below.

All other types of photography (event, wedding, skiing, interiors and food etc) remain available.



Some recent images.

Below is a selection of portfolios for various types of work; click to view the relevant gallery.
To view a wedding or event you attended, please go to the Recent Weddings or Recent Events page underneath.

  • Weddings
  • Events
  • Landscapes
  • Interiors
  • Food & Drink
  • Charity
  • Expeditionary
  • Military
  • Sport
  • Portraiture
  • Commercial
  • Groups


NO!  There is a huge difference.


You need an image that will make your company stand out?  Or the eye to make that ‘forever wedding shot’?


Are your memories of the halcyon days being extinguished by worry about what to do with your photographs?  How does one make a photo album these days?


Photography is a luxury.  We understand.  Budgets are always tight.  But photographs are forever and what price do you put on your memories?


Select the images below to find photography from recent events, photoshoots, weddings or limited edition prints.

  • Recent Photography
  • Recent Weddings


What else can we help you with?

Starting out as a photographer invariably means you don’t have the big bucks necessary to throw at websites, graphic design, templates, analytics, or other digital collateral.  As a result, Ed set about teaching himself these badly needed skills – taking a photograph is one thing, delivering it to the client in a form that is useful is quite another!

So now, with a dozen or so websites to his name, and a solid collective of global freelance consultants to handle everything from logo development and design, videography, retouching, to complex e-commerce coding and data analysis, Ed is also in a position to help you with any other digital issues you may have; it be as simple as streamlining your company’s powerpoint templates or a full, top-to-bottom, website build, including the graphic design, photography and copy writing.  You just have to ask!


Expeditionary.  Events.  Weddings.
Portraiture.  Food.  Interiors.
Whatever shots you need.
Wherever they need to be taken.


Your images; digital or analogue.
Curated.  Edited.  Displayed.
Regardless of quantity.
Wherever it needs to be done.


Photograph Albums & Books.
Your old photographs rejuvenated.
Digital spreads designed.
Wherever you are.


Photography.  Videography.
Graphic Design.  Illustration.
Copy Writing.  Website Design.


What skills are you missing?

If you need help with anything digital, from photography and videography through to logo design and website construction, Ed and his team is able to advise and help.

Photography 100%
Brand & Web Design 100%
Image Concierge 100%
Graphic Design 100%


Limited Edition Prints, signed by Ed, are available for sale. Prices start at £300.
This is a small selection of available prints; click here to view the full gallery.
All images are available for sale – further Paypal buttons will be added shortly.
Please get in touch to buy a print that doesn’t yet have one!


Lovely things said by lovely people!

  • WOW. What an incredible set of photos. They are absolutely superb - what a talent you have!

    I’m so impressed that you managed to include everyone and capture the mood of each part of the weekend… I just love the juxtaposition of the crazy Friday night and then breakfast the next morning!

    Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job and in such an easy-going way. I just WISH you’d done our wedding photos too!

    LauraBirthday Girl @ WOMAD
  • The honeymooners have returned back to reality (with a bump!) and wanted to pop you a note to say such a big thank you for everything!

    It was great to have you there with us and you were incredible on the day – so discreet and so friendly to everyone and really put all at ease.

    Dad in particular was singing your praises this weekend when we were with them for a debrief! Thank you!

  • I had the pleasure of working with Ed on a high-level event hosted by the Charity.

    Given that it took place in a small intimate room with tricky lighting, lots of movement and awkward angles, Ed was outstanding and we were very pleased with his results.

    I have already booked him for two more events and will do so for many more in the future. No more shopping around for photographers!

    CHIABF The Soldiers' Charity
  • I hired Ed to do some creative shots of our charitable operation where access to "real" life situations is limited.He was innovative, thoughtful and put everyone, across a range of ages, at their ease and produced some absolutely fantastic shots.I will use him again without question and commend him to others!
    NICKYThe Defence Medical & Welfare Service
  • I was delighted with Ed’s style and service. Having used him before to photograph a different event, I was very keen to hire him again to photograph another high-end event - the re-opening of the much-loved school cricket pavilion, and then the exhibition cricket match that followed.

    He was professional, friendly and unobtrusive and just got on with the job.

    Ed’s shots brilliantly capture the spirit of the events he photographs. He sees photo opportunities in places that the ordinary eye would not.

    The end result is that you have photographs which are simply natural and stunning. I could not recommend him highly enough. Thank you!

    GEMMAEton College
  • Basically everybody loved you, and you did a bloody good job! I asked the directors if they liked the photos when we were discussing the website about a week or two ago and they both said they were really pleased with the results! I am sure you will be asked back if we need more!

    I also have a horrible feeling that I may not have mentioned anything to you about the headshots though; I think they are brilliant! I love the green..the colours are great, and fresh and somehow you’ve made us 3 look like supermodels!

    Thank you!

    CeliaLancor Search
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