a freelance wedding, society, event & expeditionary photographer.

Edward Lloyd Owen is a leading British society photographer, specialising in weddings & events, but able to photograph across a number of different disciplines. He is also an expert in image husbandry, content generation, digital consultancy & marketing, strategic communications, public relations and web design.

Based in Hampshire in the United Kingdom, and working internationally on a wide variety of commissions, be it weddings in the Balearics or Hampshire, a 21st birthday in Monaco Yacht Club, heli-skiing on a Swiss glacier, a stalking party in Scotland or sailing and partying on the Côte d’Azur, Ed can help wherever and whatever your photographic requirement.

As a Captain in the British Army, Ed also leads a ‘Combat Camera Team’ in operational military theatres. Consequently, expeditions to field or hostile environments present no problems – indeed, are relished.

So, if you are planning a sortie to the Antarctic, a mountaineering expedition to South America or a motorcycle jaunt from HK to London and have a photographic, planning, management, logistical or PR & media requirement, drop Ed a quick message to discuss the art of the possible.


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rescuing images from digital darkness

Ansel & Fox is a business I’ve built in response to the questions I’m constantly asked by clients about how I manage and organise my photo archive – the usual answer is with care and a lot of time and effort!

This made me realise that most people don’t have the skills, time or patience to be as OCD as I am about their photos, and so I set about offering a solution to this problem.

So, whether it be digitising old photographs or photo albums, editing some images, or creating beautiful photograph albums or books for a holiday, a party or even a loved one’s life, Ansel & Fox will be able to help you get it done.

Please do visit the website and if you’ve got something on which you’d like our help, just drop us a quick line.

prints for sale

Please click the button below to view my Print Shop and if there is something you think you’d like on your wall, an impoverished photographer would be hugely grateful for your patronage!